What we do

What we do

The Schultz Group focuses heavily on providing comprehensive wealth solutions while other wealth management teams offer strictly investment advice.

We focus on providing full financial planning services as well as portfolio management services. We are one of the advisor teams capable of utilizing a discretionary management process where we execute day-to-day transactions on a client’s behalf based on specific criteria selected by the client.

We have a disciplined investment philosophy and process that is rooted by real world knowledge and experience.

Services provided

Together, sharing the core values described below, we pride ourselves on delivering client service of the highest quality, and achieving the highest level of client satisfaction.  If you would like more information about our financial strategies and client commitment, please call us at +1 800.461.7588.

  • Integrity: Always do the right thing
  • Commitment: Always do your best
  • Respect: Treat people the way we would like to be treated
  • Synergy: Continuously improve the service we deliver as a team

We provide clients with comprehensive portfolio management utilizing a customized approach to their portfolio construction in accordance with their individual needs, tax situation, and risk tolerance. We can operate accounts in a collaborative or a discretionary platform, under a fee-based platform.

We are experts in the retirement planning field, bringing together all of the various assumptions required to guide a client toward the appropriate savings rates as they approach retirement, and spending rates when they’re retired.

Insurance is a part of any well thought out financial plan. Protecting one’s assets is an essential part of a holistic wealth management approach through the utilization of various life, disability, critical illness, and long-term care policies.

Insurance services are provided by Scotia Wealth Insurance Services Inc.

Maximizing ones estate through tax minimization, and the ease at which it transfers to the next generation is front of mind for many clients. We provide guidance around how to best accomplish this.

Estate and trust services are provided by The Bank of Nova Scotia Trust Company.

One of the largest expenses of having children, we can certainly help plan for the funding of post-secondary education costs.